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.~* bishoujo awards *~.

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Welcome to bishoujo_awards, inspired by bishounenawards, a icon awards community that focuses on female characters from anime, manga, and video games. Everyone is welcome to view the community, but only members may submit icons and vote.

Each week, a theme will be given. Community members will submit icons related to the given theme, and then the members will vote for the icons they like best. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, as well as the winners of the special category, will be assigned once the voting ends, and receive banners soon thereafter. 1st place winners will have their icons used as the community icons until the end of the next contest.

♥ Each member may submit TWO (2) icons per theme, unless otherwise instructed.

♥ All icon content should focus on bishoujo (females). Images may come from anime, manga, doujinshi, or video games (such as Final Fantasy). However, please do not use real life bishoujo (people), cosplay images, or fanart (unless it's your own, but you must prove this). Shoujo-ai is permitted, yuri and hentai are not.

♥ Submitted icons must be compatible with LiveJournal; 100x100 and 40 kb, and only .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats.

♥ You may vote for your own icon, as long as you *truly* think it is the best.

♥ Do not advertise your icon, and do not tell people to vote for your icon. (Do not show your icon to people before the end of the contest, and do not use your icon anywhere else until the contest is over, like in an icon community. These are both considered advertising.)

♥ Do not create fake 'sockpuppet' accounts to cheat. I check IP addresses and account status.

♥ Do not submit an icon that has been submitted in another community (cross-submission). Make your icons only for the current theme in this community. Icons that are merely variations of one another count as cross-submissions. Your icon will be disqualified.

♥ Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own. If you take an icon for use after the contest is over, be sure to credit the the icon maker in the icon keywords. If I find someone stealing icons from this community and not crediting, they will be banned.

♥ Do not criticize others' icons... if you are not polite and considerate, you will be banned.

♥ Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old, or as old as the contest submission post (if the deadline has been extended). Please make your icon *fresh* and specifically for the contest.

♥ Reusing old icons with new text for this icontest is not allowed. Doing this means your icon was not made specifically for the particular challenge. Requiring that you make your icons specifically for the current challenge has been a long-standing rule.

♥ If I find you breaking or abusing the rules, your icons may be disqualified and you may even be banned from the community WITHOUT NOTICE.

By participating in this icontest, you thereby implicitly state that you have read all of these rules and that you agree with and will abide by them. If you need any clarification, please contact me and ask.

On Sunday evening (or thereabouts),
xenylamine will post a theme for the week in the community. Icons related to the theme may be submitted from that time on, up until the deadline on the following Sunday. Comments to the submission post will be screened, so please reply normally, and not anonymously. Your submission should contain the following information:

Icon submission
URL of submission (please make sure the URLs work!!)
Character name and series name


Ringo from Air Gear

Submission Times:
Sunday [~10:00 PM EST/EDT] - Sunday [10:00 PM EST/EDT]

(If you *ever* have a problem with your submission, please e-mail me and let me know ASAP so I can help you!)

Note: If you submit your icon after the given deadline, I am not obligated to change the voting post to add your icon. Please submit all icons by the deadline. You have an entire week to make your icon... that's more than enough time for everyone else.

Would you like to suggest a theme? Click here!

Voting will take place from Sunday to Tuesday. xenylamine will post a voting post on Sunday evening, after the deadline has passed. Members of the community will comment on the post, saying which three icons they like the best, as well as their choice for a special category, which will be specified in the voting post. The icons will be numbered, so you only have to state the numbers of the icons you like, in order of preference. Your first choice will receive three points, your second choice two, and your third choice one. Special category votes will receive one point each. Comments will be screened so your vote will not be seen by anyone other than xenylamine and yourself. Please do your best to follow any specific rules in the voting post.

Special Categories

The following are the definitions for the special categories. Be sure you know what you're voting for!

Most Creative; The icon demonstrates the most creativity and originality of design through its image, layout, text, and visual effects.

Best Emotion; The icon displays emotion the most effectively, evoking strong feeling through well-chosen image and/or text.

Best Interpretation; The icon reflects the most effective adaption and use of the theme through both its image and text.

Best Color; The icon demonstrates effective use of color, standing out from the other icons for that quality.

Best Cropping; The icon's image has been cropped in a way that is well-chosen for both visual interest and communicating the icon's message.

Best Text; The icon has the best text content; the words' actual meaning matches the icon well.

Best Typography; The icon has the best treatment of text (the physical appearance of the words on the icon) regardless of text content. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography.

Results will be posted on Tuesday evening.

Voting times:
Sunday [~10:00 PM EST/EDT] - Tuesday [~9:00 PM EST/EDT]

Memories; Weeks 001 - 140]

Week 141 [Blame/"My Sweet Prince" by Placebo]: dark_moon_angel
Week 142 [Fandom/"Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls]: wicked_enough
Week 143 [Tough Girls/Image (Hana Kimi)]: snm_queen
Week 144 ["FNT" by Semisonic/Image (Tsubasa:RC)]: ignored_tears
Week 145 [Smile/"Novocaine" by Bon Jovi]: cynicalsnark
Week 146 [Tiny Text/"Vacation" by the Go Gos]: ignored_tears
Week 147 [Grace/"She's My Man" by Scissor Sisters]: dark_angel869
Week 148 [Hair/"Change Your Mind" by the Killers]: mizugazipan
Week 149 [Glow/Image (Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai)]: n_aya_n
Week 150 [Desaturated/Images (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)]: thrift
Week 151 [Villain/Light Textures]: magizoopsia
Week 152 [Rebirth/"Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs]: helium_icons
Week 153 [NC-17/"P Control" by Prince]: cdg
Week 154 [Thank You/"Oh My Juliet" by LM.C]: mdoogie
Week 155 [Lips/LJ Moods]: snm_queen
Week 156 [Loyalty/"A Little Respect" by Erasure/Image (FFVII:AC)]: astrokittie
Week 157 [Double Take/"REGRET" by the GazettE]: astrokittie
Week 158 [Costume/Image (DOGS)]: helium_icons
Week 159 [Vanity/"Land of Confusion" by Genesis]: chiisana_sora
Week 160 [Red/Circle of Life]: sefchik
Week 161 [Smile/"Everything Falls Apart" by Dog's Eye View]: taciturndream
Week 162/163 [Textless/Food & Drink]: pamkips
Week 164 [Change/"Tell Me Soon" by Rooney]: yellowbang
Week 165 [Emotion/Circles]: taciturndream
Week 166 [Shadow/"Star No Star" by Jack Off Jill]: yellowbang
Week 167 [Best Friend/"Strutter" by Kiss]: taciturndream
Week 168 [Heart/"SIGNAL" by KAT-TUN]: papereye_
Week 169 [Book Titles/Pale]: xenocine
Week 170/171 [Holiday/"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Dean Martin]: 2baki
Week 172 [New/Silly Roger (Image)]: wicked_enough
Week 173 [Perfect/"Miracle" by Super Junior]: thrift
Week 174 ["How Much Longer" by Eve6/Sailor Moon (Image)]: pamkips
Week 175 [Raw/"Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" by Jewel]: lethe626
Week 176 [Hair/"Love so sweet" by Arashi]: nyaabo
Week 177 [Selective Coloring/Song Titles]: mrpanadabear
Week 178 ["Kiss & Cry" by Utada Hikaru/Random (Image)]: pamkips
Week 179 [Shy/"No Rain" by Blind Melon]: sunfur
Week 180 [Movie Titles/"Heavy Starry Chain" by Tommy heavenly6]: harumonic
Week 181 [LJ Moods/"Koi" by GLAY]: wicked_enough
Week 182 [Femininity/"Criminal" by Fiona Apple]: infraorbital
Week 183~186 [Manga coloring/"STYLE ~get glory in this hand" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR/Noizi Ito Images]: kokoro_chan93
Week 187 [Favorite Character/"HEART" by Otsuka Ai]: senbonzakura77
Week 188 [Magical Girls/Light Textures]: senbonzakura77
Week 189 [Jewel/"The Stranger" by Billy Joel]: mugen_sasorin
Week 190-191 [Puppet/"Sakura Sake" by Arashi]: mugen_sasorin
Week 192 [Fade/"Strange Attraction" by the Cure]: 2baki
Week 193 [Heart/"Razor Valentine" by Thea Gilmore]: jedisakora
Week 194 [Game/"Year Zero" by 30 Seconds to Mars]: pamkips
Week 195 [Blue/"Risque" by Cute Is What We Aim For]: 2baki
Week 196 [Shape/"The Grace" by Neverending White Lights]: 2baki
Week 197 [Loss/"(You Want to) Make A Memory" by Bon Jovi]: pamkips
Week 198 [Friendship/"Friend Like That" by Hawk Nelson]: pamkips
Week 199 ["So Much Love" by the Rocket Summer/Sailor Moon Image]: 2baki
Week 200 [Textures/Superlative/"Hotel California" by the Eagles/Keiyaku no Kuroneko]: 2baki
Week 201-202 [Blame/"Harajuku Girls" by Gwen Stefani]: pamkips
Week 203 [Movement/"Shake It" by Metro Station]: psycophant
Week 204 ["The Kids Don't Stand a Chance" by Vampire Weekend/Hellsing Image]: senbonzakura77
Week 205 [FINAL - ANYTHING GOES]: pamkips


Banner makers: Banners should be 100x300 or 100x250 and should include the icon that won, the icon maker's name, the award name, the week number of the challenge (theme name is optional), and 'bishoujo awards' somewhere on the icon. Also, please do not cover the icon itself at all on the banner to maintain the integrity of the winning icon. When you post, please use an lj-cut and the 'banners' tag. Thank you!

If you would like to be a banner-maker, please reply to any post to let me know.

This community participates in the Banner Maker Rewards Program.

To the winners - please upload banners to your own server for display purposes!

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Please direct all questions, comments, and suggestions to
xenylamine. You can e-mail me, IM me, or comment in my journal to get my attention. I always respond. ^_^

Thanks so much for becoming a part of this community, and good luck with your icons! I look forward to seeing your creations!

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